Saturday Brain Doodle Dandy

Here are some random things I’m thinking about:

  • Justin Verlander threw a no-hitter! That makes me very happy and this happiness will last until they lose next.  I need medication for the mood swings that the Tigers put me on.
  • I get more nervous for my kids playing a sport than I ever did as a player.  I also find it harder to be a good sport as a parent.  All of a sudden I have compassion for the dad that fights the opposing team’s parents.  Again, medication is in order.
  • I’m thankful for the moms in my life.  My mom, Gayle, is an outstanding mother who was very sacrificial and nurturing.  My wife, is a phenominal mother who does a remarkable job caring for and loving our four kids.
  • I’m also thankful for Misgana’s mother who we also remember this weekend.  Without her we would not have our little Miss.
  • Tomorrow I have the opportunity to teach alongside Dr. Peter Newhouse again.  Pete is a great friend and has a lot of wisdom.  We always have fun planning these times and I hope that tomorrow’s topic of forgiveness will be a healing experience for many.
  • I believe that Jesus does change lives.  He doesn’t just improve them or merely give a good example to follow – He changes lives.
  • 95% of the music I listen to regularly is alternative/progressive music from the 80’s.  Now I understand my dad with the Beattles and Stones.
  • A quote I found this week: “Wherever there is fear, there is opportunity.  Wherever there is great fear, there is great opportunity.” – Andy Stanley.
  • Our Haiti Team will be flying home very very late tomorrow!  So excited to hear what they experienced and how God moved in their lives!
  • Thanks to all who supported and prayed for a family from our faith family who experienced a devastating loss.  Every life touches lives.  Every life is valuable.  Every life is sacred.  I was reminded to make sure every person knows that.

Have a great start to your Mother’s Day tomorrow!


Facebook Observations

Observations about Facebook:

  • I am surprised how someone will post something on Facebook that they wouldn’t say to a group of people.  Because, it is being said to a group of people!!  If you couldn’t say that in front of your sweet old grandma then it probably shouldn’t be said online.  🙂
  • Why would someone become frustrated that people are commenting on their very personal post when they posted it for all to see?  It may be none of my business, but then why blurt it out to all?
  • Everyone is an evangelist and trying to convert everyone else to their way of thinking about a subject.  We all do this.  I’m doing it right now! Facebook provides our soap box!  Whether it is about religion, politics, sports, work, food, the environment,  or how we should respond to Osama bin Laden’s death, etc… we are putting our views, our likes and our dislikes out there!  We all are trying to make converts!  Altar call!
  • Facebook provides a way to silently and symbolically communicate our dislike, distrust, annoyance, or boredom of someone.  We can “unfriend” them, “block” them, or remove their comment.  In this “Facebook age” these clicks of a mouse carry more weight than we anticipate.  See this story.
  • Facebook has caused us to try to sort out new questions on how to communicate personal issues.  I used to not know that someone may be struggling “in a relationship,” but now, all of a sudden, I learn that “it’s complicated” or they now are “single.”
  • Thanks to Facebook I am able to reconnect with people I would probably never speak to again.  I think that’s good.  I personally enjoy the online reunion from my days in school and overseas.  It is like catching up with old friends without having to lose weight and pay a ticket for a reunion!
  • Finally, Facebook has given me an opportunity to discipline my time usage, because it can eat alot of it up!

Just some of my thoughts on using this powerful social media tool.  I enjoy it!

PS: here is my Facebook Page – ha!

What are some of your observations?