I was tasked with the job of writing out the “what we believe” section of our website. It was really hard. What do you put in and what do you keep out? Also, who is going to be interested in this section of the website?

I had a chance to look through many church and denominational websites and it is interesting what people decided on putting on their page. I decided to keep it as simple as I could and focused on some basic beliefs about who we believe God is, how He desires to relate to us, and the importance of Scripture. We did sum up our beliefs in the line, “Jesus is Lord.” That little phrase packs a wallop!

One little phrase that has challenged me is this, “Don’t merely believe in Jesus, share His beliefs.” I am in a culture that focusing on having right belief about Jesus. This is very very important. However, if we just have “right” beliefs, without sharing in Jesus’s beliefs, we will not live out the life and teaching of Jesus. To share Jesus’s beliefs is to not only believe IN Jesus, but also to share His convictions, His views, His passions, and to respond with a life that seeks to be obedient to Him.

So, if you want to take up a bit of a challenge… Read through the gospels sometime (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) and write out some of what Jesus believes. ┬áThen seek to share that belief and watch how it shapes your life. This is what I’m seeking to do on good days and on other days I settle for believing about Jesus.