Vision of the past

When we started Watermark Church in 2003 we started it with a picture of what we believed could and should be. We started with a snapshot vision.  I wanted to share the original first attempt at picturing the preferred future of our faith family and wider community. This gives a bit of insight into the original DNA, prayers and dreams of our faith family.

Here is our original vision snapshot:

“Because Jesus is the center of our lives and we are devoted to Him, there is a contagious sense of awe, joy and generosity. As a result…

> people are constantly living life together in unity
> the wider community is being served and transformed
> the community’s understanding of what it is to follow Jesus is being redeemed
> the lost are becoming followers of Jesus
> the next generation is a catalyst for the movement and an example to all believers
> God’s Spirit of creation inspires innovation throughout the body
> new churches are being planted from Watermark throughout the world

The entire time the church is giving praise, credit and recognition to God.

And the Lord is rapidly expanding His Kingdom…”


I’m still inspired and praying for God’s breakthrough. Also, the seeds of these dreams have grown and still are found among us. 🙂