So, I’m sitting in a coffee shop and listening to music while putting together a message for Sunday.

Then this song plays…  I encourage you to listen to it while reading the rest of this post.

Praise the Name

As the song tells the story of Jesus’ death, burial, resurrection and return – I’m ambushed by hope.

I want to raise my hands and sing out, “O Praise the Name of the Lord our God!”

Death has been defeated and we will be raised.

Now, for me, I tend to engage with God through pictures, images and metaphors.

My eyes were shut as I listened to the song and I had a clear image of standing in the throne room of God praising Him. But, I was not alone. I looked to my right and saw my grandpa Van Wieren singing his heart out. I saw his daughter (my aunt) who died at a young age of Leukemia. I looked to my left and saw my grandpa and grandma Deur. My grandpa Deur had his arms outstretched (which was very expressive for his quiet demeanor). Then…. then… I didn’t anticipate this, I looked down at my side and saw two little ones.  My wife and I experienced two miscarriages.

I am not a very emotional man.

Something broke inside me when my grandpa Van Wieren passed away.

But here I am filled with tears and moved… with hope, with praise, with joy, with love, and with fullness.

But the focus in the midst of this image isn’t on one another – it is on the one who sits on the throne. The one who brings us together. The one who gives life. The one who has defeated death. The one who will raise us.

Where O death is your sting?

I don’t know if the image was from God or just my imagination. It just kind of hit me.

But, I do know that we have hope and I praise God for His victorious love.

2 thoughts on “Hope

  1. This is an incredible visual image of our hope for the future. Thank you for sharing. We sometimes get bogged down in life and need to be reminded of the source of our hope. Thank you. I too am visual and I can picture this scene so easily.

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