“I wanna hold your hand…”

On my visit to Ethiopia I noticed that men and women often are quite physically affectionate toward close friends.  It is not uncommon to see men walking arm and arm or women walking holding hands.  You could say that it is a country of “huggers.”

When I greeted men we would shake our right hands and then would to a chest bump/half hug up close.  When I greeted women we would shake our right hands and then touch cheeks on the left, the right, and then the left.

On one trip we were leaving a more rural area and the guy who was helping translate for us was walking with me and grabbed my hand.  There we were holding hands in friendship.  Maybe I was walking too slow and he thought I needed to speed up.  🙂  My dad thought he’d take the photo above of our little friendship walk…

Although I’m not much of a touchy person I really appreciated the way people showed affection for one another.  Afterall, the Bible tells us to greet one another with a holy kiss.


2 thoughts on ““I wanna hold your hand…”

  1. What were you feeling something like what happens in Ethiopia stays in Ethiopia. Silly aside what was going on inside of you.

    • Hey Barry!
      Thanks for commenting. Because I’m not a hugger like Thompson I found it awkward, but at the same time a brotherly connection. I think it would be better if I was more expressive. When in Rome!

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