Let me see your eyes!

I have a tension.  My daughter enjoys talking to me in the evenings and I like to get to my “ME” time when they are finally in bed.  (I know I’m selfish.) Once she was talking to me and I was grunting and nodding along and standing at the door with my ear into her room, but I was looking away.  She kept talking louder and I told her to not speak so loud.  I told her I was listening.  Frustrated, she finally just said,

“Dad let me see your eyes when I’m talking.”

I heard her, but I wasn’t truly listening.   She wanted my attention and my focus, because it communicated value.  Hearing wasn’t enough – she wanted me.

I’m trying to be an apprentice of Jesus and I’m challenged and amazed at how Jesus took the time to lock eyes and give his undivided attention to people.  Jesus was busy, he traveled constantly, he was surrounded by crowds and pressing needs.  He above all, deserved some “ME” time.  However, he took time for all kinds of people to really see them… really understand… really love them.

Could an “interruption” today, be an opportunity to be like Jesus?

Who today will need to see my eyes and have my attention?

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