I asked, “Vicki, would you say that I am an optimistic person?” She replied with, “Not really.”

My mom routinely preached being positive to me:

“No one likes to hang out with a negative person.”

One of my mentors used to yell out, “Attitude Check” and we responded with “Praise the Lord!”

I even read “Life Is Tremendous” by Charlie “Tremendous” Jones back in the day!

I always thought of myself as an optimist (maybe I was overly optimistic) so I was disappointed at Vicki’s response to me.  But, I knew it was true.

How did pessimism claw into my thoughts and words?

I am optimistic that 2011 will be different.  There will be a rebirth of my attitude.  I claimed “positivity” as my theme for the year.  I need it, but I think the people around me will appreciate it even more.  I desire to be a life bringer, to see solutions, to give others courage, to believe the best in people, and to live more out of faith.

“Attitude Check?!”    🙂

One thought on “Positivity

  1. I remember Pastor Dennis preaching about picking a word for the year back in High school. I used to do it all the time and then I got lazy. This year in January I really felt like God wanted me to pick a word. But I really didn’t get to pick. I felt like God really wanted to teach me about surrender. It has been a very tough start to 2011. 🙂

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