Saturday Brain Doodle Time

Randomized thinking…

  • My friend Steve Thompson turned 40 yesterday.  That number seems so “adult.”  My turn is coming in October and I’m already starting to think about what that may or may not mean for me.  Maybe I’ll actually be able to grow a beard without spots!  Nah.
  • To celebrate Steve’s birthday we went golfing.  While teeing off I hooked a ball that sailed into an adjascent road.  The only problem was that a car was racing down the road toward us at the same time and the ball struck the car’s windshield and shattered.  Wow.  I felt stupid because I had a horrible golf shot, I damaged someone’s vehicle, and I probably scared him silly.  I need to get special insurance on my golf game for everyone else’s protection!
  • As a faith family we are moving forward in trying to secure a full time facility.  I am really excited about this possibility and what it could mean for us in pursuing the mission we run after together !
  • I miss being in Ethiopia and hope to get back maybe next summer…
  • This Sunday I jump back into a series we call “Relationflip.”  I’m talking about flipping from dishonor to honor in relationships.  This is an area that I need to grow in.  It is so easy to treat the people around me as common, because they become so familiar.  I think to honor the people closest to me is the most difficult as a result.  But, I desire to show value to them and studying for this message has been a great reminder that I’m called to show worth and value to those around me.
  • Next week is Memorial Day weekend!  What a great reminder of the incredible sacrifice of our service men and women that gave their lives in service to our country.  It also is the official kick off to hamburger season at our home.  🙂
  • I”m enjoying reading through the book of John, in the Bible, at the moment.  I find that if I don’t have a plan in advance – I tend to wander through the Bible and don’t read it as regularly.
  • Well gotta go pick up the Saturday morning donuts!

Have a great weekend!

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