Saturday Brain Diddy Doodle

Stuff my brain is munching on:

  • I enjoy Memorial Day weekend!  I tend to be patriotic and I marvel at the men and women who gave their lives to secure freedom.  My grandfather fought on the front lines of WWII and saw a lot of death.  I’m always amazed that he lived through the battles he fought.  He tells me that war is horrible and he knows from first hand experience.  So, this weekend we pray for peace and we remember and honor those we’ve lost serving our country.
  • Tomorrow is our final “Relationflip” week of our series.  It has been fun and tomorrow I’m looking at how we use our words.  Flip from hurtful to helpful words.
  • One thing I’m thinking about regarding saying helpful or loving words…  I believe it is very possible to say helpful/life giving words primarily for self preservation, acceptance, or to impress.  In other words – I show kindness with my words toward others for ME.  This is the same reason I hurt with my words… ME.  I require a heart change to really speak healing and helpful words.  I think it has to begin with the heart.
  • Next week we begin a series entitled, “LEAP.”  It is about faith and stories of faith.  My hope is that God would stretch our faith.
  • I finished watching the newer Battlestar Galactica series and loved it.  I was a big fan of the old show and remember it vividly!  I am also a sci-fi geek, but this series ranks up there with “Firefly” for character development and having an interesting story.
  • My son Will turned five and is now big time in Justin Bieber.  Help.
  • The Detroit Tigers are driving me crazy with their streaky play.  Hopefully they can put it all together and be more consistent.
  • I’m enjoying helping coach my son Harrison’s baseball team.  I’m trying to not live my baseball dreams through him!  He enjoys it and I want to keep it that way.
  • Our church family is pursuing a full time facility option.  I believe this will be essential in us riding the next wave toward our mission.  I’ve been praying a lot about God’s provision and protection.  Hopefully we’ll hear about one option soon!  This is a big faith step and I’m excited for how we’ll grow in our faith in God and one another.
  • I just wrapped up another year of mentoring a student at Rosy Mound Elementary through Kid’s Hope.  It was a great year and I’m proud of how my student grew and matured.  Hopefully we’ll get a chance again next year.  If you have an hour a week – you can make a difference!  Jump into Kid’s Hope!  Let me know if you’re interested or want more info.
  • I need to be more regular posting here!

Have an outstanding Memorial Day weekend!