Twitter Spitter : why I tweet

Why I use Twitter:

  • I find out things faster than any other news source.  Tweets about Osama bin Laden’s death seemed to be all over Twitter before the network news finally caught up.One caution:  you need to confirm the truth of a story so you don’t believe a hoax (usually someone’s death.)
  • I get to choose who to follow and enter a bit of their world and sphere.  Whether it is a Major League Baseball player, a pastor, an artist, or even a dentist – I am exposed to their thoughts, their experiences, the articles they find interesting, and their context.  You can begin to see a little of what is important to people based on what they share.  Facebook helped me connect more with people in my sphere and Twitter helped me connect more with people outside my sphere.
  • I get to share the joys and sorrows of events in real time.  Watching a Detroit Tigers’ game while tweeting and replying to others doing the same gives me an opportunity to interact about the game with others who care… or talk smack to opposing fans.  You begin to realize how many people are out there doing similar things.
  • Often I am encouraged by an inspirational quote or verse of Scripture.  It is amazing how inspiring truth can get my day moving.  This comes down to the kind of people you choose to follow.  I try to avoid following lots of “glass is half-full” types of people who constantly complain.  (I do that enough and I’m trying to stop.)  🙂
  • I have an opportunity to share thoughts, experiences, and hopes in 140 characters or less.  It aint much, but my voice can join the chorus.

I don’t believe that Twitter is deep soul connection tool, but it has been useful to make introductions.

So, why not try it?  If you do – I’d love to follow you.  I’m over here.

What’s happening in 140 characters or less?