Return of the Blog

So I’m thinking about being more regular in writing online again. Back in 2003 I started blogging in the midst of a lot of exciting and challenging transitions. That year we had a son (Harrison), left a church position (All Shores / formerly Spring Lake Wesleyan), moved into Grand Haven, and launched a new church community (Watermark).

Blogging was relatively new to me and I was blown away at the idea that I could write stuff and chronicle my experiences and interact with others about what I was thinking and learning. I blogged regularly for about 3-4 years and then it became a trickle and then stopped. I moved on to Facebook and Twitter for howling at the moon. My old blog (of a younger version of me) is found at DEURTY.

Later I set this website up so I could share different things, but I haven’t made it a priority to take time to write about stuff.  But, recently I reread chunks of my past blog and I recognized the power of blogging/online journaling/writing.  I think that I need to pick up the blog idea again as a discipline to process ideas, share what I’m learning, and  encourage conversation. I’ve been waiting to figure out some really cool format or focus, but I think it is better to just see where this takes me…. or I’ll be sitting here a year from now in the same spot.  Sometimes you have to just start.

Anyways, I’m going to write stuff here. So, let’s try this again.  If no one reads this regularly… at least I know it will be helpful for me.

I apologize in advance for the grammar.