Location, Location, Location

I’ve been taking in Eugene Peterson’s memoir entitled, “The Pastor.”  It is a wonderful book with rich language, meaningful stories, and it seems to be enriching my soul.

All of his books on pastoring are inspirational and resonate with my deepest longings for my vocation.  If only I wouldn’t become distracted by my own ego.

Peterson encourages pastors to be local and know the land God has called you to.  (I’m also reading a book entitled: “The wisdom of stability: rooting faith in a mobile culture.”  I’m sure I’ll unpack some thoughts from that another time.)

Here is a quote from Eugene’s book “Under the Unpredictable Plant” that touches on the importance of being local.

“It is in the nature of pastoral work to walk into an alien world, put our feet on the pavement, and embrace the locale. Pastoral work is geographical as much as it is theological. Pastors don’t send memos, don’t send generic messages, don’t work from a distance: locale is part of it. It is the nature of pastoral work to be on site, working things out in the particular soil of a particular parish.”

Am I present?  Am I local?  Or am I lobbing blessings from a distance?