Easter means…

What is Easter really all about?

No, Easter isn’t about eggs, bunnies, and Spring time.

Easter is about resurrection.

Jesus’ resurrection and therefore, our resurrection.

NT Wright in his books covering the life and resurrection points out the belief of the Jews of Jesus’ day regarding resurrection. Resurrection wasn’t a new idea at the time of Jesus.

The belief was that the Creator God  was going to one day forgive the sins of the people, recreate the cosmos, set the world right, and bodily resurrect the righteous dead.  This was going to be a one time event on a mass scale. I believe it still will be.

However, when Jesus rose from the dead it was completely unexpected (except for the times He seemed to talk about it). No one was expecting that one person would be resurrected, in the middle of history, because it was supposed to be a mass scale event for all creation. But, Jesus went first. He received a new Spirit-powered transformed body that could not get sick or die. He was able to eat, be touched, and yet able to enter rooms that were locked. Cool!

Here is the good news for us: Jesus’ resurrection paved the way, and promises us, the same resurrection!  There will be a day in which we will be resurrected and we will receive Spirit-powered transformed physical bodies, like Jesus’. This resurrection moment will also set the world right, bring in justice, and heal creation.

This is a key thing we celebrate at Easter.