Servant is… as servant does.

Being an apprentice of Jesus means taking on the role of a servant.  So, how can we get started in being on God’s mission through serving in our context?  What can we practically do today to show God’s love with no strings attached?

Sandi, a woman from our faith family, would bring joy as she served the under-resourced in the Laundry Hub (place for folks to do their laundry for free) by bringing milkshakes for everyone.  She had a milkshake ministry and when she arrived people smiled.  Maybe someday Jesus will say to Sandi, (like Matthew 25 says,)

“Sandi, people in the Laundry Hub were having a rough day, but you took the time to buy them a milkshake and make them smile.  Whatever you did for them, you really did for me.  Well done.  PS – I like Strawberry best.”

Here are some small things we can do with great love to help bring change to the world:

  • Buy a stranger’s cup of coffee.
  • Help someone with their yard work or home project.
  • Send an encouraging note to someone who may often go unnoticed.
  • Invite a neighbor over for a meal or coffee.
  • Invite someone sitting alone at a lunch table to sit with you.
  • Take a day and look for opportunities to ask, “How can I help?”
  • Choose to pray for someone regularly.
  • Call your faith community, school, or community organization as ask where you can serve.
  • Really listen to someone and understand without having to blurt out your thoughts.
  • Forgive someone.
  • Clean up an area that isn’t your responsibility.
  • Give something away.
  • When you hear of a practical need – seek to meet it.

What practical ideas do you have to practically be a blessing?