Saturday Brain Doodle Dandy

Here are some random things I’m thinking about:

  • Justin Verlander threw a no-hitter! That makes me very happy and this happiness will last until they lose next.  I need medication for the mood swings that the Tigers put me on.
  • I get more nervous for my kids playing a sport than I ever did as a player.  I also find it harder to be a good sport as a parent.  All of a sudden I have compassion for the dad that fights the opposing team’s parents.  Again, medication is in order.
  • I’m thankful for the moms in my life.  My mom, Gayle, is an outstanding mother who was very sacrificial and nurturing.  My wife, is a phenominal mother who does a remarkable job caring for and loving our four kids.
  • I’m also thankful for Misgana’s mother who we also remember this weekend.  Without her we would not have our little Miss.
  • Tomorrow I have the opportunity to teach alongside Dr. Peter Newhouse again.  Pete is a great friend and has a lot of wisdom.  We always have fun planning these times and I hope that tomorrow’s topic of forgiveness will be a healing experience for many.
  • I believe that Jesus does change lives.  He doesn’t just improve them or merely give a good example to follow – He changes lives.
  • 95% of the music I listen to regularly is alternative/progressive music from the 80’s.  Now I understand my dad with the Beattles and Stones.
  • A quote I found this week: “Wherever there is fear, there is opportunity.  Wherever there is great fear, there is great opportunity.” – Andy Stanley.
  • Our Haiti Team will be flying home very very late tomorrow!  So excited to hear what they experienced and how God moved in their lives!
  • Thanks to all who supported and prayed for a family from our faith family who experienced a devastating loss.  Every life touches lives.  Every life is valuable.  Every life is sacred.  I was reminded to make sure every person knows that.

Have a great start to your Mother’s Day tomorrow!


Saturday Brain Doodles

Jody, me, and Lisa enjoying "Snack Time" as kids.

I think I’m going to take Saturdays and just spit out random things I’m thinking about…

So, let’s get started:

  • The Detroit Tigers are finally winning and this makes me happy.  I wrap way too much of my emotional well being into the Tigers.  Who’s your Tiger?
  • I’ve been reading the story of Jesus and asking, “How can I believe and behave like Jesus?”
  • Tomorrow I’m closing out the “Love God” series talking about Strength.
  • A counselor gave me a helpful insight on anxiety: “Anxiety is when we overestimate an issue and underestimate our ability to cope with it.”
  • My 6th grade daughter is in tennis.  This brings back a lot of memories!  I played co-ed middle school tennis too – good memories.
  • I’m really excited about Watermark’s “Great Saturday” serve event the day before Easter.  I love that we are practically meeting needs over Easter weekend!  Becky Staal has done a tremendous job leading a team to make that happen!
  • I’m also pumped for Easter Sunday.  I plan on making a mess and using some props.  My prayer is that people would encounter the good news of Jesus.
  • We had a great time last night with friends who also adopted from Ethiopia.  In fact, their daughter was at the same orphanage with our daughter at the same time!  It’s a small world after all.  There is a tremendous bond between adoptive families and I’m thankful for the support.
  • One of my closest friends has been my good friend since I was in 2nd grade.  Thankful for loyal long-lasting friends.  Got to hang with him this week – good stuff!
  • I turn 40 this year.  Wow.  Does that mean I’m almost a man?
  • I just started working out again – believe me, I really need it!
  • We are looking for a worship leader for Watermark.  My hope is to find someone for this part time position by the summer.
  • Great quote I came across again from Andy Stanley: “Simply recognizing the need for change doesn’t define leadership. The leader is the one who has the courage to act on it.” So true!  I want that to be true of me.
  • I need to scan more doodles in for these posts.
  • I think the 80’s was the best decade for alternative music.

I feel better – thanks.