Will’s Lexicon

My six year old son Willem has a fairly expansive vocabulary.

And he is the one expanding it.

Recently he inserted a few new words, he made up, into our family’s vocab.

Here are the new words and rough definitions:

Fully – “Fully” is a condition when you feel like you consumed too much and now your tummy feels a bit sick. Example of usage, “Mom, I feel fully, I need to lay down” (after sneaking handfulls of cookies and treats).


Knife-Sick – “Knife-Sick” is a descriptive phrase used when you have a sore throat with sharp cutting pain. Example of usage, “Dad, my throat hurts, I think I am knife-sick.”


Gross Mixture – “Gross Mixture” is an affliction in which ‘boogers and┬ámucus’ combine together, in your throat, and create a “gross mixture.” Typically, “It feels hard, but it really is soft.” Example of usage: “I had a hard time sleeping because I had a gross mixture.”


Right now I feel fully. After all, it is the holidays.