What am I?

It is easier for me to say what I am not.  Years ago I encountered a particular style of leadership and being the church that didn’t jive with me.  It was easy to point out what I disagreed with, what I felt was wrong, and what I would not do.  It was a breeze to communicate what I am I not.  You can even get a small following to agree.

The difficult task is to move from the “here is what I am against” to the “here is what I am for!”  Anyone can be a movie critic and say what was good or lousy about a movie and movie critics have their place in the industry.  However, to make a movie and create something takes a whole lot more courage and hard work.

I heard Wayne Schmidt say,

“Nothing drains passion like cynicism.”

I have been pretty good at saying who I am not.  I’ve been fairly comfortable communicating what I am against.  The role of cynic has come easy for me.

But, I want to create.  I want to contagiously bring energy, change, life, and passion. I desire to do the hard work of discovering and communicating what I am and what I am for.  I have become a cynic about the comfort and power of cynicism.

So, what am I against?

How do you stay focused on creating rather than just merely critiquing?

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    • Great thought! Thanks for stopping in Steve. I visited your blog – I even saw what you look like when you are tired. 🙂

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